Witherspoon Partners

Witherspoon Partners develops opportunities in a variety of alternative investments with an emphasis on private equity, real estate transactions, and hedge fund strategies.

We also provide strategic planning and mentoring to asset management firms seeking to grow their business. Witherspoon Partners is a leader in business development strategies for emerging managers, its founder having launched, allocated to, and advised dozens of such funds.

Witherspoon maintains strong, longstanding relationships with an extensive group of investors and corporate strategic buyers in the U.S. and Asia, and seeks to create vehicles that fit the direct investment goals of these investors and institutions. Our experience in the industry spans asset classes, transaction sizes, and borders.

We also collaborate with firms in externally sourced opportunities where Witherspoon can leverage that firm's expertise to generate the highest value-added transactions. In all our ventures our acumen, access, and integrity create solutions to fuel positive outcomes.


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